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Tell us about yourself and show that our help makes sense!

The support you received from the Health4Ukraine Program was made possible by funds donated by Direct Relief, received from independent donors from around the world. We want to show that the money transferred from the donor organization really helps people. 

Participation in the action is voluntary and does not affect participation in the Health4Ukraine Program.

Write to us what your life was like in Ukraine before the invasion - what did you do, what was your way of life? How do you assess your current situation in Poland? Describe why help from the Health4Ukraine Program was valuable to you. Only provide information that you want to share with others.

From the submitted applications, we will choose a few that we will share with the organization Direct Relief. The organization will then decide who it wants to contact to conduct the interview and whose story it wants to publish on its website and in communication channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

If this is your story, we will contact you to complete needed formalities. We know this can be difficult for you. We will try to be gentle and attentive. We care about your comfort. Remember that we may anonymize your data. 

Write to us:

Thank You.

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