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  • Who is the Programme Organizer?

    The Health4Ukraine Programme is organized by epruf. It is a Polish fin-tech with nearly 13 years of experience in running drug programs. Through the use of advanced technology, epruf supports aid organizations in transferring funds on a large scale.
    This time is no different - using its knowledge, experience, resources and IT systems, it transfers aid from donors to migrants in need from Ukraine.
    What does epruf do as the Programme Organizer?
    • It raises funds from donors, foundations, businesses and non-profits;
    • It distributes them to Programme Participants so that they can take advantage of the funding in a convenient way;
    • It organizes the entire process of distributing aid to those in need - from its registration and verification of applications, to providing Participant Codes;
    • It provides information support to Programme Participants through a dedicated website;
    • It responds to questions and concerns of Programme Participants by contacting our Call Centre via email or telephone.

  • Who can receive assistance?

    Any Ukrainian citizen who crossed the Polish border after 24.02.2022 can benefit from assistance offered by the Programme. In order to join the Programme and receive assistance, it is necessary to present a document confirming the assignment of a Polish personal identification number called PESEL. Both adults and minors may participate in the Programme (the application for participation is submitted by parents/legal guardians on behalf of minors).

  • How to join the programme?

    Joining the Programme and benefiting from the assistance is very simple and completely free of charge. To join the programme you need to fill in an electronic registration form. After filling in the form, the data of the registered person will be verified. If the verification is correct, the Programme Participant receives a message to the e-mail address given in the registration form, containing an individual Programme Participant Code (in the form of barcode), enabling him/her to benefit from the co-financing of the purchase of drugs and products available in the pharmacy and to log in to the dedicated web application.

    3 steps to join the Program

    1. Filling in the registration form
    2. Verification of the application
    3. Assignment of individual Programme Participant Code

  • Can I register to the Programme more than once?

    It is possible to obtain a second Code - the Program Participant can apply for a second card if the first Program Participant Code has expired or the Participant has used at least PLN 300 from the first limit for prescription products. Annually, the Program Participant can receive up to PLN 1,000 in financing for the purchase of medicines and products available at the pharmacy!

  • Where can I find my individual Programme Participant Code?

    Each Participant qualified for the Programme will receive a message containing his/her individual Programme Participant Code (in the form of a barcode and a sequence of numbers) to the e-mail address indicated in the registration form. The graphic code (in the form of a barcode) is also available in an electronic version after logging in to an individual Programme Participant Account in the web application.

  • How to use the Programme Participant Code?

    A Programme Participant who has an individual Programme Participant Code can use the co-financing for purchases in a pharmacy in one of two ways:

    Cashless servise (payment by participant code)
    This form is available in nearly 8,500 pharmacies – more than half of all pharmacies in Poland.
    The Programme Participant, on the basis of his/her individual Programme Participant Code, presented to the pharmacist in a pharmacy in the form of a printout or by displaying it on his/her mobile phone, benefits from co-financing resulting from participation in the Programme.

    Cash servise (payment by own funds)
    This form is available in all pharmacies in Poland The Programme Participant pays out of his/her own pocket for the drugs or products available at the pharmacy (it is necessary to keep the proof of purchase – receipt / VAT invoice, and in case of purchasing prescription drugs also a prescription or information printout). Then, the Programme Participant, by sending the documents to a dedicated e-mail address, applies for the reimbursement of the purchase cost of the drugs, which is made by the company epruf rozliczenia.

    The code can be used repeatedly until the limits are reached.

  • How to use the cashless service?

    1. Go to a pharmacy that provides cashless service (if you are going to purchase prescription drugs, take your prescription or a printout of your prescription information with you).
    2. When making a purchase, show your Participant Code to the pharmacist on the screen of your phone or as a printout.
    3. The pharmacist will scan your Participant Code with the scanner.
    4. Pay for the products. If the products you are buying are on the list of products eligible for co-financing offered by the Programme, the amount of co-financing will be taken into account and the final amount to be paid will be immediately reduced by the value of co-financing.

  • How do I use the cash service?

    1. Go to a pharmacy and pay for medication with your own money.
    2. Keep the proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice).
    3. if you are buying prescription drugs, keep the prescription or information printout.
    4. Submit an application for cash settlement of the transaction. In the application, attach a scan of the proof of purchase (receipt/VAT invoice) and the prescription/information printout.
    5. If the application has been submitted correctly and all the necessary documents have been attached - after positive verification of the application, the funds* will be returned to the bank account number indicated in the application in the IBAN** form.


    *Funds shall be paid out in Polish zloty (PLN). If the aforementioned bank account is held in a currency other than Polish zloty (PLN) - please make sure that the bank where the account is held accepts transfers in the Polish currency (PLN). If the above account is maintained in a currency other than Polish zloty (PLN), there is a risk that the bank will deduct part of the funds due to currency conversion.


    **IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard for the numbering of bank accounts that allows for the transfer of funds to foreign accounts and for receiving transfers from foreign entities to domestic bank accounts.

  • Where can I use the co-financing?

    Use of the co-financing is possible in all retail pharmacies and limited service rural pharmacies on the territory of Poland (in almost 8,500 pharmacies in a cashless form). Information about pharmacies providing cashless and cash services is available on a dedicated website, available for logged-in Programme Participants. Each purchase can be made at a different pharmacy - there is no need to make purchases at the same pharmacy.

  • What are the co-funding rules for prescription drugs?

    Prescription drugs are 100% subsidised under the Programme. This means that the Programme Participant, using his/her individual Programme Participant Code at the pharmacy, will get the drugs prescribed to him/her free of charge (100% of the cost of the drugs will be covered by the Programme, up to the limit of the Code).

    The Programme participant can only purchase subsidised drugs if the prescription contains his/her personal data (including PESEL number).

  • What are the rules on co-funding of drugs and products available at pharmacies without prescriptions?

    The following products are excluded from co-financing a.o. : hair sprays, toilete water, sunglasses, shaving products, liquids, anti-wrinkle products, mascaras, make-up removers, intimate gels, hair dye, gels for washing the body and face, facial tonics, body balms, toothbrushes and pastes, scrubs, sun protection cosmetics, deodorants, eye creams, face foams, shampoos, foot and shoe sprays, products with hyalugonic acid, napkins, lipsticks, hair elastic bands, face and body masks, bath products.

  • What is the amount of funds allocated to the Programme Participant Code? How can I check how much money is left?

    Each individual Programme Participant Code, when issued, is assigned a limit of funds in total amount of PLN 500 to be used for purchase of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals as well as products available at the pharmacy without prescription.

    This limit is divided into 2 parts:

    PLN 350 – the limit of funds to be used for the purchase of drugs available in pharmacies with a prescription (Rx)

    PLN 150 – limit of funds to be used to purchase drugs and products available in pharmacies without a prescription

    Information on the current balance of available funds assigned to the individual Co-financing Code issued to the Programme Participant is available on a dedicated page, available for logged-in Programme Participants.

  • Can I use my individual Programme Participant Code to pay for drugs for someone else?

    The code is assigned individually for each Programme Participant and is assigned to a specific person. The code can be used only to purchase drugs for its holder.

  • How do I log into my personal Programme Participant account?

    To log into the personal Programme Participant account, go to the dedicated page, and then enter the number of the personal Programme Participant Code and PESEL (Personal ID) number in the indicated field. After entering the data, press the ‘Login’ button.

  • What is the expiry date of the co-financing code? How long can I use the code?

    The Individual Programme Participant Code is issued with a 120-day validity date (with the assumption that the first day of validity of the Code is the day on which the Code was issued).

    Codes issued after 1 September 2022 have an expiry date until the last day of the Programme – 31 December 2022. (e.g. a Code issued on 20 October will expire on 31 December 2022)

    The expiry date of an individual co-financing code can be shortened – if within 45 days from the date of issue of the code the Programme Participant does not use the Code when shopping at a pharmacy, then the Code will be deactivated and the allocated limit of funds will return to the assistance pool and can be used to support other Programme Participants.

    Information about the expiry date of the individual Co-financing Code issued to the Programme Participant is available on a dedicated page, accessible to logged-in Programme Participants.

  • Do I have to use all the funds from my individual co-funding code?

    No. The funds assigned as a limit to the individual code of the Co-financing Programme Participant are intended to help to buy drugs in pharmacies for a person in need - the Programme Participant. However, if there is no medical indication to take the drugs in question, you should not buy them. The unused funds assigned to the code, after the expiry date of the code, will return to the assistance pool and will be available for the next Programme Participants in need.

  • Can I exchange my code for cash?

    No. The funds assigned to the individual Code of the Programme participant are intended for a specific help in the form of subsidising the purchase of drugs available in pharmacies for people in need – the Programme Participants. The funds cannot be used for any other purpose or exchanged for cash.

  • What is PESEL number and how to obtain it?

    PESEL number is the identification number of Polish citizens. In order to obtain a PESEL number you should apply to any municipality (gmina) office.

    Detailed information on obtaining a PESEL number for Ukrainian citizens is available on the website:

  • Can I return or complain about drugs purchased with my individual Programme Participant Code?

    Pharmaceutical products dispensed from a pharmacy (also those purchased using the individual co-financing code) are, in principle, not subject to return/complaint A return/complaint of this kind of products is possible only in case of a quality defect of the product, its improper release or falsification of the pharmaceutical product (Art. 96 of the Act of 6 September 2001 – Pharmaceutical Law). In order to make a possible return/complaint of the purchased drugs, it is necessary to contact the pharmacy where the purchase was made and establish the terms of the return. Complaints and returns of drugs are dealt with by the pharmacy that sold the products.

  • Who covers for the drugs co-financing under the Programme?

    Fin-tech company epruf s.a. developed and implemented a program that allows obtaining co-financing for the purchase of medicines. We transfer funds received from donors as payment for medicines, activated through the use of individual payment codes in pharmacies.

    Donors who sponsor member codes include:

    Direct Relief is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States. The organization receives funds from donors around the world to use for charitable purposes. The H4U program received $10 million from the organization in the first phase of work and $5 million in the next.

    Organization ING Dzieciom - the mission of ING Dzieciom is to equalize the life chances of children and adolescents. The Foundation donated 400,000 PLN to help underage participants.

    Polish Red Cross - the mission of the Polish Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering and protect human dignity without discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious or political beliefs. The Polish Red Cross donated 3.5 million PLN to the program, which will be distributed among new participants who have not yet participated in the program.

    Deloitte Foundation - the purpose of the foundation is to participate in projects aimed, in particular, at charity. From its own funds, the foundation donated 10,000PLN expanding the group of beneficiaries with new members.

  • How do I obtain a prescription?

    You can obtain a prescription during your medical consultation. You can also use Dimedic, which offers consultations with a doctor, providing medical care 24/7.

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